About the Breed

Chihuahua are very cute and friendly

There are different theories regarding the origin of the breed. The majority of dog experts, however, are sure that the Motherland of these dogs is South America. Historic founds are the best proof of this fact. There are many drawings left since those times, which depict small dogs that resemble Chihuahua. These dogs were favored by Aztec and Maya tribes. Ancient people loved them so much that they even were buried together sometimes. They believed that the dogs were sacred and honoured them a lot. As time went by, the dogs were brought to China, from where the breed spread across the globe. 

In 1884, the Mexicans decided to make money by selling the dogs to the US residents. This is how the breed came to the USA. In 1915, Chihuahua were recognized in the country as the dog breed at the official level. In 1923, the first Chihuahua fan club was organized in the USA. As to the European countries, Chihuahua appeared there in 1897. The breed was favored in England and Spain a lot and now these cute small dogs are popular across the globe.