About the Club

Welcome to ChihuahuaClubOfCanada.com - a popular Chihuahua fan club in Toronto, Canada!

This club was founded with one goal in mind - to unite all people, who love the breed and make it possible for them to share the ideas, thoughts and personal experience. It’s not always possible to know how to take care of Chihuahua properly, especially if you own the dog of this breed for the first time. You may have lots of questions and doubts. Even though, there is plenty of info available on the web, nothing can replace liev communication and ChihuahuaClubOfCanada.com is that very place, where you can find co-thinkers and the best answers to all your questions. Whether you face problems when taking care of your Chihuahua or just wish to communicate with people, who have this pet, this website - is your top destination!