Why Chihuahua?

Each dog owner wants his/her pet to be the embodiment of the best qualities and traits of character specific for the breed. A dog should be a companion, a friend, a defender and what not. It may seem weird, but these and other traits perfectly merge in this cute small dog - Chihuahua. So, what makes this breed stand out from the crowd and why should you give preference to it over the other dogs? Just have a look at the main features of these dogs below to understand their benefits:

  • 1.

    Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. You can take it along wherever you go or travel

  • 2.

    They are very friendly, cute, playful, kind and they like children a lot

  • 3.

    They don’t need much space because of their size

  • 4.

    If you don’t have time to walk with the dog, you don’t have to do that quite often! These dogs easily get used to small litter boxes (toilets). This is very convenient!

  • 5.

    Chihuahua dogs can be alone for the whole day, waiting for you to come back from work. They know how to amuse themselves, when you are away.

  • 6.

    You can feed Chihuahua with dry food as well as other dishes you cook for yourself. They don’t eat a lot and prefer ordinary food products, which is also an advantage as you don’t have to cook for the dog separately

  • 7.

    Chihuahua don’t cause allergic reactions, which is important for families with kids

  • 8.

    They don’t have health problems. The only problem they may be subjected to is leg bone fractures, but, fortunately, this doesn’t happen often

  • 9.

    Chihuahua don’t have any bad smell. You can wash the dog every 6 months if it’s not dirty - that’s ok

  • 10.

    Chihuahua dogs adore kids and children love their pets as well

  • 11.

    These dogs can live with other pets, even with cats

  • 12.

    They are devoted pets and real friends for a person!